Let me tell you about NFT in short for those who don’t have any basic idea about it . So, NFT stands for non fungible token , it is kind of copyright one can issue on their name to avoid plagiarism .it is non interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger ,that can be sold and traded .types of NFT data units may be associated with digital files such as photo, videos and audios .NFTs are unique cryptographic token that exists on blockchain and cannot be replicated . “Tokenizing ” these real world tangible asset allow them to be bought , sold and traded more efficiently while reducing the probability of fraud .

So in recent time we all are witnessing that people are making huge money by creating and selling these NFTs so I am here with some of the best and emerging site for trading NFTs.

1. Opensea.io: this can be refered as Amazon of NFTs and have huge trading volumes with availability of over 80 millions NFTs of different varieties. its based on etherium blockchain making it bit pricey for conducting transaction but recently they start accepting polygon as well . discussing about its advantage, it accepts more than 150 crypto payment , with no fees for buyer but it charges 2.5% from NFTs seller.

2. Binance.com: this is one of the cheapest marketplace which charge only 1% on maximum transaction. This is way less complicated procedure than many popular market places.

3. Rarible.com: this market supports ethereum , flow and tezos it is an extension of dapperlap project . community owned having strong backing for investor with nil fees for buyers.

4. Nifty gateway: backed by Gemini blockchain where The First 5000 days 69 million ,Pak’s The Merge 91.8 million were sold . this is limited edition of NFTs making it so expensive and generally used by verified celebrity , it issue NFTs for baseprice for certain period of time after which further NFTs cant be issued , buyer can buy NFTs with fiat currency as well.

5. Solanart; this site get hike in 2022 making it grow on other level that to booming solanart block chain as well.this is budding market place with lot potential to flourish in near future

6. Superrare.com: the market place is built on ethereum protocol and does not take custody of any asset. Currently user must use metamask or other ethereum compatible to be able to create and sell. Superrae2.0 is an updation to this with various additional features

7. CNFT: this is also blowing up in trading volumes, based on cardano chain having unique NFTs to be listed .if you want to trade ,then must have wallet in Nami

8. Axie infinty : it is a kind of a game through NFTs , which one can either buy it themselves or get affiliated with people making team and earning profit through it .these people are known as scholars, they simply get hired by manager for them they play games on daily basis for earning SLP (smooth love potion)and share profit with manager .

9. Solesea: it introduces NFT with imbedded license and works on Solana blockchain in upcoming time will be working with ethereum as well . it also provide copyright license as well and charges 3% market fees on every transaction with gas fee depending on the size of file uploaded

10. Mintable: it is gas fee free plat form , which work on ethereum and zillica blockchain. This provide you royalty as well for every resold of an asset.