$0 to $142 a month Journey on Medium

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A lot of people ask me and also search on google that is it worth writing on Medium, especially in 2022?

Again the short answer is Yes!

In today’s post, first of all, I will take some time to share with you my story here at Medium and also how you can also start making money online writing on Medium.

So without further delay let’s get started,

It is true that Making a few cents for example $0.10 or $0.50 etc on Medium is very simple and very easy but if you want to earn a good amount of money each and every single month then you need to understand or learn about Medium what works and what doesn’t work here on Medium.

That’s why I’m here.

Starting with my writing career on Medium!

In Feb 2021. I started my journey on Medium as a writer. As you know I’m not a good writer as compared to the others who have good strengths in English. Anyway, after creating a Medium account I was disappointed That’s a reality. how to start writing on Medium? What did I need to write? where to start? etc.

However, In Aug 2021. Almost 6 months later, I publish my first article on Medium. So this was the major mistake that I made on Medium. I waste 6 Months just thinking about how and where to start?

I think if may I’m not wrong, You’re a little bit feel boring. Don’t worry I have a solution for you. Now let’s go to the earnings that I have made on Medium.

Disclaimer:This is just for educational and motivational purposes only.”

How to start making money online on Medium as a complete newbie?

In fact, this is a good question.

Sign up for Medium It is free of cost.

Fill up some details.

Add a professional picture.

Start writing on Medium anything and everything you want.

How to Get Paid on Medium?

If you want to get paid on Medium then enroll in Medium Partner Program and complete these criteria before applying for the Medium Partner program. And get paid Monthly into your stripe account.

Eligibility criteria on Medium?

Publish at least one story.

Complete 100 followers first.

Stay active.

Usually, there are two ways to earn money on Medium!

1. Medium member reading time.

2. Promote your Medium membership or Referred memberships.

$0 to $142 Month Journey on Medium
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Hopefully, you will enjoy this Medium story Thanks for reading!

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